Spectator Information

Spectators are welcome to attend the 2022 Western Amateur Championship at Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park, Illinois. General admission and parking is free. To access the club, enter the main lot and follow the signs to spectator parking.

Concessions are available on the golf course.

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The following spectator rules apply:

  • General spectators will not have access to the clubhouse.
  • Please observe silence throughout each shot, and do not move until all contestants in each group have played or holed out.
  • Please stay behind all ropes, and do not walk in fairways, on greens, or in the long grass areas.
  • All cell phones and electronic devices must be in power-off mode when on or near the golf course – except in case of emergency. Outside near the clubhouse, cell phones should be in silent mode and may be used visually/non-verbally in a limited manner. Verbal communication via cell phone is expressly limited to the parking area – and only inside the vehicle. Verbal communication via cell phone is not permitted anywhere in or near the clubhouse.

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